I am an incredibly passionate and hard-working electronics engineer with over 7 years of electronic design experience.

I am able to offer a broad range of design services such as schematic design, PCB layout and routing, as well as testing and implementation.

In particular, my services offered include:

  • Analogue circuit design (discrete circuitry, in particular audio)
  • Digital circuit design (microcontrollers of any variety, FPGAs, general digital logic)
  • Power electronics circuit design (switching converters, low-noise PSUs)
  • Circuit simulation and verification (Spice)
  • Multi-layer PCB layout and routing (2 to 8 layers, mixed-signal, high-speed designs, designs for EMC) (KiCad, EAGLE, or Altium Designer)
  • Embedded firmware in C
  • Software in C, C++, C#, and Python
  • System identification, modelling, and control system design

If you have a project that you wish to realise, please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ form on this website!