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  1. Hi Phil, my name is Olajide from Nigeria. I’m a graduate of electrical and electronics engineering from the Nigerian Defence Academy. I am currently a Flight Lieutenant in the Nigerian Air Force.

    I discovered your videos recently and I love them. I appreciate your wealth of knowledge and how practical you are, a major deficiency in our university education in this part of the world.

    My goal is to become a practical engineer who can design and develop circuits and systems like you do. Accordingly, I would love if you could guide me step by step on where to start from, which programming language to learn as well as hardware and software to get familiar with, in order to become proficient like you. I already have basic programming skills in Lua, Arduino and C++. Like I said, just basic and inadequate to enable to achieve my goal.

    I would appreciate if you could do this for me. Many thanks. You could reach me at


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